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Therapy Laser Treatment

We are proud to announce the addition of our Therapy laser.  This technology can aid in the treatment of anything from arthritis to ear infections to lick granulomas.  It is completely painless, and most pets seem to relax more during their treatment.  Below are some videos that discusses therapy laser treatments and its benefits. 




Regenerative cell therapy - Using your own dog's stem cells to help with arthritis!

Dr. Reed has recently become certified to perform a new technique, developed by the Vet-Stem company, using your own dog's stem cells to help with treating arthritis.  Stem cells have obviously been a topic of much media interest as having the potential to assist in treating many diseases. 
This very exciting technique, called adipose-derived regenerative cell therapy, uses your dog's own fat, containing their own stem cells, to help alleviate the damage caused to the joint caused by arthritis.  The medicine is not new but this application appears to have great promise for many dogs suffering from this progressive and debilitating disease, especially those that may not be controlled with normal medications, supplements, and pain control.
Please contact us for more information, or visit Vet-Stem's website:  If you are interested in seeing if this is right for your dog, we would be happy to set up an appointment to discuss this further.